Nishka Dasgupta

Computer scientist, reader, writer

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  • Outreachy: Some Final Thoughts
    Aug 20, 2019
    As my internship with Outreachy concludes, I can only look back and realise how far I have come in the...

  • Cross-compiling in the Linux Kernel
    Jul 25, 2019
    The Linux kernel, by necessity, needs to run on a wide variety of architectures. However, by default, the kernel is...

  • Outreachy and the Value of Distractions
    Jul 7, 2019
    When I applied to Outreachy, I divided the three-month period into 4 sections of approximately three weeks each. I thought...

  • Coccinelle Cleanups in the Linux Kernel
    Jun 21, 2019
    The Linux kernel is open source, meaning that anyone can submit edits to it at any point. In the past...

  • Humans First, Compilers Second
    Jun 7, 2019
    My Outreachy project for this summer involves using Coccinelle to clean up the Linux kernel. For the past three weeks,...

  • A Rejection of Rejection Letters
    Jun 7, 2019
    Approximately 90% of all the rejection letters ever sent follow the same template: “Dear [Applicant], We regret to inform you...

  • How to Apply for Outreachy
    May 25, 2019
    What is Outreachy? Outreachy is an amazing programme that provides funding and mentorship, for people belonging to groups that are...

  • The Procedure
    May 24, 2019
    Wednesday evening. Sterile walls, white lights, a crowd of specialists. Hesitation. “Are you sure you want this procedure?” a specialist...

  • Hello World!
    May 22, 2019
    Hello! Welcome to my blog. My interest is mainly in computer security, although I will also post about my work...

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  • PQC-mPSI
    An implementation of linear multiparty set intersection as well as quorum and circuit set intersection. Paper linked in README.

  • mPSI-TableOPPRF
    An implementation of multiparty set intersection with table-based OPPRF, as referenced in the project.

  • Outreachy Project
    Cleanup project on the Linux kernel as part of Outreachy.

  • Applebaum-Arkis
    An implementation of the secret sharing scheme developed by Applebaum and Arkis in 2017.

  • svd-recommender
    A ground-up implementation of a user-based recommendation system. Improves upon previous SVD algorithms.


Work Experience
  • Student Programmer at Cryptomathic, 07/2022-Present
    Working on software development.

  • Teaching Assistant at Aarhus University, 02/2022-05/2022
    Conducted discussion sessions and graded assignments for two courses in Databases.

  • Research Fellow at Microsoft Research Lab India, 08/2019-07/2021
    Researched secure multiparty computation under Dr Nishanth Chandran. Paper accepted to CCS 2021.

  • Intern at Outreachy, 05/2019-08/2019
    Used Coccinelle to clean up the Linux kernel.

  • Teaching Assistant at Ashoka University, 01/2019-05/2019
    Helped to make and grade assignments for the course Introduction to Computer Programming taught by Professor Debayan Gupta.

  • Research Intern at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, 05/2018-08/2018
    Worked with Professor Vinod Prabhakaran to develop a new method of secure multiparty computation.

  • Research Intern at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 05/2017-07/2017
    Worked with Professor Anupam Chattopadhyay on generating efficient s-box circuits.

  • MSc in Computer Science, Aarhus University, Ongoing

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Studies and Research, Ashoka University, 2019

  • BSc in Computer Science, Ashoka University, 2018


  • Efficient Linear Multiparty PSI and Extensions to Circuit/Quorum PSI , CCS 2021 , ePrint